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Epdm roofing tape alphawawe basic 0.3 / 5 (1.5m2) ral 9005 alphadam

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AlphaWave is a composite consisting of aluminium mesh, embedded in a special EPDM vulcanizate. The materials are environmentally harmless and safe for the roof workers. AlphaWave meets all the demands of the health and safety regulations.

AlphaWave is self adhesive and very user friendly lead replacement material. It’s ideal for any application requiring a quick and secure flashing solution.

AlphaWave has an excellent UV-resistancy and offers the same functionality as lead, but it turns out that it has more advantages:

  • it is not toxic
  • it is much lighter (less then 30% of lead)
  • it is available in 5 diff erent colors
  • it has no scrap value to potential thieves
  • use full roll without need for expansion joints

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